…helped save an education company millions.

I worked for one of the world’s largest education companies on a project which was both very challenging but incredibly rewarding.

My client created text books for the world and was duplicating effort because it didn’t know how similar or different each country’s version of grade 1 Maths was. If they could compare all their products not only could they save money on duplicated work but they could also automate reporting and save time on tenders.

There was no room for research, the use cases were put together using the knowledge of the Business Analyst, Bhupesh, and the rest of the businesses input.

The concept revolved around taking every curriculum standard for a subject & country and making an ‘intermediary list’. The basic function is quite simple, take a curriculum standard such as: ‘given a number, identify one more and one less’ and find out how many intermediary statements apply to that (when the standard gets more complicated it can sometimes apply to 5-10) and associate the statements to the standard.

We created flows for something called the ‘Knowledge Cart’ which was where the Aligners would drag the statements they felt were applicable and apply ‘Central’ or ‘Peripheral’ tags which effectively defined the strength of the alignment. Using Axure I was able to make a linear prototype of different journeys so not only the business could visualise and understand the thought process but also the developers in India could play with it and understand in much more fidelity the thought process. They even commented that it was the best UX brief they had received. The speed of development meant that we needed to come up with the ideas, have them signed off by the business and get them into production as soon as possible.

With such good feedback from the development team in India, the tool was built to almost the entire MVP1 function list in a very short window. I left the team for a few weeks whilst they finished the product and rolled it out to some early editors to start the alignments and outputting some early corrolation reports. After a few weeks of testing I was called back to interpret the findings of the test and make some alterations based on the user feedback.

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