In my quest to find my next challenge it’s been interesting to see how the industry has changed in just over two years.

Coming from a design background and having fulfilled roles such Creative Director, Digital Designer, UI Designer and more recently UX Designer I firmly approach my roles with creativity in mind. I’m solving problems whether they be in advertising, interface design or user experience.

What’s been saddening to see is that a lot of companies and recruiters are firmly approaching UX as purely a process driven role. Of course process in UX is very important but creative flair, a passion to solve problems in a novel way and delight the customer/user are just as important.

If you just want process then get a robot, if you want a unique experience then look beyond the flows, personas and behavioural journeys. I try and bring empathy, humanity and flair to my work and foster a desire within a team to wow the user with the wit and charm we, as people, can creative in our work.